Soule, Bradtke & Lambert has wide-ranging litigation experience at the administrative, trial and appellate levels, including presentation of jury trials in federal court, as indicated in a description of clients represented below.

  • Regional and National Fair Housing Organizations;
  • Thousands of U.S. Air Marshals in a Fair Labor Standards Act case;
  • Plaintiffs in Fair Housing Act cases in the areas of design and construction violations (ADA Compliance), discrimination on the basis of disability, race and age, and a class of individuals discriminated against on the basis of disability, in the operation of a State-implemented waiver program;
  • Hundreds of Department of Homeland Security ICE employees in a Fair Labor Standards Act case;
  • 45 African-American employees of a machine tooling manufacturer;
  • Hundreds of minority and female employees of an aerospace and engine company;
  • 10 named plaintiffs in Title VII, FLSA, and Illinois Wage and Hour Act claims;
  • African American applicants to an advanced engine manufacturing company;
  • Hundreds of temporary workers in a Fair Labor Standards Act case;
  • An African-American Captain of a Chicago Metropolitan area Fire Department;
  • A disabled employee of the United States Postal Service;
  • Plaintiffs in a qui tam “whistle blower” suit against a defense contractor;
  • A class of African American patrons who were denied entry based on their race at a night club;
  • An African-American student subjected to discriminatory comments in the classroom;
  • 3 terminated African American employees of a grocery store;
  • African-American employees of a State of Illinois regulatory agency;
  • Minority Federal Law Enforcement agents;
  • African-American and foreign-born employees of a Federal regulatory agency;
  • Latino and female police officers employed by a suburban Chicago police department (racial and sexual harassment);
  • A class of Hispanic residents of a Chicago area suburb in a Fair Housing Act case;
  • Three classes of African-American employees of a major Illinois health care and hospital system;
  • A female employee of a national chemical company (sexual harassment/ADA);
  • Plaintiffs in Americans With Disabilities Act discrimination cases, including a reasonable accommodation case against a major Chicago area-based research and dry manufacturing corporation;
  • Nine African-American employees of a major Illinois city;
  • African-American employees of an aerospace company.;
  • The Chicago Board of Education;
  • The Chicago Housing Authority;
  • The Aurora Housing Authority;
  • Securities brokers and brokerage firms;
  • The estate of a police shooting victim;
  • The publisher of a local magazine;
  • Owners of a subsidized housing project;
  • A manufacturer of pollution control equipment;
  • The promoter of a minority beauty pageant;
  • Plaintiffs in age discrimination cases;
  • Plaintiffs in race, national origin, and sex discrimination cases; and
  • Classes consisting of minority employees, consumers, minority students, securities purchasers, finance company borrowers, telephone company customers, and flight attendants.

Practice Areas

Ms. Soule has experience as a court-appointed monitor in a nation wide gender discrimination class action, and has served as lead plaintiffs' class counsel in discrimination cases. Mr. Bradtke has experience in developing minority business enterprise and affirmative action plans. Ms. Lambert has served as lead counsel in a national FLSA collective action and serves as the President of a charitable organization's Board of Directors. Ms. Soule has been a referral attorney of Women Employed Institute. Soule, Bradtke & Lambert is a member of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Institute for Law and the Workplace. 

Soule, Bradtke & Lambert has been selected by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to participate in its attorney referral program for unrepresented charging parties whose claims result in EEOC findings of substantial evidence of discrimination, and has provided training to EEOC attorneys and investigators concerning systemic cases as well as concerning sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination issues.

Mr. Bradtke and Ms. Soule have held adjunct positions on the legal writing faculty of local law schools. Ms. Soule has served as a mentor and extern supervisor in IIT-Chicago Kent’s Institute for Law and the Workplace. Ms. Soule has been a presenter at an Institute public sector employment law seminar on current developments in employment law. Ms. Soule served for five years as pro bono General Counsel and national legislative coordinator for Reconciling Ministries Network, Inc. 

In both litigation and non-litigation contexts, Soule, Bradtke & Lambert aims to provide aggressive and sophisticated representation that is directly responsive to the needs of its clients. At the same time, the firm is committed to avoiding activities that are unnecessary, duplicative or unreasonably expensive. 

Soule, Bradtke & Lambert is a law firm concentrating in civil litigation since 1994. The firm specializes in federal court litigation, including class actions in areas such as fair housing, wage and hour, employment discrimination, and securities law. The firm also has substantial experience in commercial litigation, subsidized housing law, and education law. Soule, Bradtke & Lambert has experience implementing and monitoring Federal Court Consent Decrees.

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